상담시간 : 09:00 ~18:00
점심시간 : 12:00~ 13:00
토/일요일, 공휴일 휴무


MIKE by DHI 소프트웨어 2022 출시

DHI_(Danish Hydraulic Institute)사의 정식 소프트웨어인 MIKE Powered by DHI 프로그램의 최신 버젼이 릴리즈 되었습니다. 최신 버젼의 명칭은 MIKE 2022 이며, 주요 업데이트의 내용은 다음과 같습니다.

Modelling the world of water

MIKE Powered by DHI is a range of software products that enable you to accurately analyse, model and simulate any type of challenge in water environments.

주요 업데이트 내용

Couple MIKE+ SWMM and 2D Overland to model pluvial flooding in 2D
Import MIKE HYDRO River/MIKE 11 river models directly into MIKE+
Take advantage of FEFLOW’s new conceptual modelling approach
Get enhanced support for PEST++ methods (IES and GLM) in FePEST/FEFLOW
Easily integrate MIKE SHE results directly within FEFLOW
Model complex hydrodynamics and scour in MIKE 21/3
Work with your MIKE 1D models anytime, anywhere

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