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Professional Solutions for Ocean of The Future

The Staff at SACSKO Ocean Tech Inc are recognized by the industry for their expertise in Global Performance, Topsides Layout, Hull and Deck Structures, Hull Marine Systems, Naval Architecture and Hydrodynamics, Mooring System, Riser Systems and Construction Support.

미국 캘리포니아에 위치한 BARDEX사는 50년이상 축적된 기술과 다양한 경험을 바탕으로 헤비리프팅 및 포지셔닝 시스템 분야에서 독보적 기술을 가진 글로벌 기업이며 , 특허를 받은 체인 잭 &그리퍼 잭 (Chain Jack & Gripper Jack)기술을 통해 전세계에 엔지니어링 솔루션 및 해양장비를 제공하고 있습니다. 헤비 로드 핸들링 인스톨레이션(Installation of Heavy Load Handling), 포지셔닝(Positioning), 무어링(Mooring), TLP 텐셔닝(TLP Tensioning), 리그 스키딩(RIG Skidding), 파이프라인(Pipeline) / SCR 풀인(SCR Pull-in), BOP 핸들링(BOP Handling), 쉽리프트 시스템(Shiplift System)과 트랜스퍼(Transfer)등등 신기술 시스템을 공급해 왔습니다.

BARDEX Chain Jack Shiplifts,

특허를 보유한 듀얼리프트 체인 디자인과 함께, 선박을 들어올리는 가장 강력하고 안전한방법을 제공합니다. 경쟁업체들의 제품과 달리 Bardex사의 Chain Jack 시스템은 어떠한 선박도 떨어뜨리지 않습니다. 안전을 위한 기술과 견고한 체인으로 선박을 더 확실하게 지탱하는 Bardex만의 독자적인 솔루션을 제공합니다. 


BARDEX의 주요 기능과 특징을 소개해드립니다.

One of Bardex’s most important product innovations and contributions to the heavy load handling industry is the Linear Chain Jack. This piece of equipment represents one of the safest and most efficient ways to lift, tension, or move heavy loads using chain.

As the word “Linear” in the product’s name implies, the chain is always lifted, pulled, or tensioned in a straight line. There are no induced link bending stresses and interlink wear inherent when jacking the chain and simultaneously bending it around a shoe or chainwheel.

The Bardex Linear Chain Jack has a significantly reduced footprint when compared to other devices such as windlasses or winches. This greatly reduces the amount of sometimes crucial deck space required to be set aside for turret mooring or spread mooring tensioning system. As well as being compact, the Bardex Chain Jack is significantly less weight than equivalent rotating equipment.

Bardex has designed the Linear Chain Jack so that the chain is always mechanically held by either the Fixed or Traveling latches. This makes it impossible for the chain to be released inadvertently due to loss of hydraulic power or operator error.

Its hydraulically based power source allows it to be incorporated into a multi-unit system for the safe, efficient, and synchronized movement of extremely heavy loads. Bardex Linear Chain Jacks can be designed and incorporated into systems for lifting, tensioning, or moving loads exceeding 30,000 metric tons.


BARDEX의 우수한 기술력과 다양한 제품군을 확인해보세요.